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Friday, July 02, 2021

Linking Machine Learning and Quantum Computing

Experimenting with Quantum computers using Machine Learning

 IBM Releases Qiskit Modules That Use Quantum Computers to Improve ML

VentureBeat, Chris O'Brien, April 9, 2021

IBM has released the Qiskit Machine Learning suite of application modules as part of its effort to encourage developers to experiment with quantum computers. The company’s Qiskit Applications Team said the modules promise to help optimize machine learning (ML) by tapping quantum systems for certain process components. The team said, "Quantum machine learning (QML) proposes new types of models that leverage quantum computers' unique capabilities to, for example, work in exponentially higher-dimensional feature spaces to improve the accuracy of models." IBM expects quantum computers to gain market momentum by performing specific tasks that are offloaded from classic computers to a quantum platform. ... ' 

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