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Friday, July 02, 2021

Quantum Safe Trust for Vehicles

 Threats of Quantum Powered Cyberattacks, safety of vehicles and their data. 

A 2019 claim by Google AI on groundbreaking quantum computations, while welcomed by many, was met with an intensified sense of urgency by security professionals who face the challenge of how to respond to threats of quantum-powered cyber attacks.

In the Queue Case Study, "Quantum-safe Trust for Vehicles: The Race is Already On,"  Michael Gardiner, Alexander Truskovsky, George Neville-Neil, and Atefeh Mashatan discuss the potential risks posed to the automotive industry by quantum computing.

Among the concerns are over-the-air software updates for smart cars; the telemetry data cars send to manufacturers; sensors in autonomous vehicles that talk to engine control units; and the challenges the automotive industry faces in implementing quantum-resistant public key infrastructure.

Auto manufacturers can begin addressing the challenge by ensuring that engine hardware designed and built today is capable of handling the cryptography that will become essential once attackers are able to take advantage of quantum-compute capabilities. Additionally, quantum-safe algorithms can be tested on vehicle components and quantum-safe trust anchors can be embedded in vehicles.

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