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Monday, March 06, 2017

Voice Banking Assistants

Security will have to be very well done.

Voice banking arrives on home virtual assistants
by Jack Dougal, BANKING.COM

Amazon’s Echo device has been one of the biggest tech hits of the last year, with some estimates suggesting the firm sold more than nine million of the gadgets in the 2016 holiday season alone.

As the tools appear in more homes around the world and more companies develop add-ons for the platform, users can expect to be able to do a lot more than control their thermostats and start Spotify playlists using its Alexa voice-activated virtual assistant.

Indeed, banking activities may be the next step for the device. D3 Banking recently launched a new intelligent voice banking service for Alexa, which it said will offer a valuable new way for banks and credit unions to connect with customers.   ... " 

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