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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Samsung Spreads AI to all Phone Apps?

Interesting claim here, what exactly it means is unclear.  I remain skeptical about Samsung software, send me a demo of some sort and I will report on experience.   In Engadget:

Samsung's Galaxy S8 reportedly uses AI across all its apps
We've come a long way from the S Voice days.
by Jon Fingas, @jonfingas

" ... Samsung has been eager to drum up attention for the Galaxy S8's AI assistant, but just how is it going to work, exactly? We still don't have the clearest picture, but some details might be coming to light. A SamMobile source claims that the Viv-based, voice-guided helper (reportedly named Bixby) will have a presence in all the of the phone's included Samsung-made apps. You could use it in the Gallery app to show you photos of the beach, for example. This isn't a radical development when both Google Photos and iOS 10 can accomplish similar feats, but remember that Bixby is likely replacing S Voice, Samsung's aging in-house software -- the point is to offer software smart enough that you don't need to turn to another assistant.  ... " 

List of virtual Assistants.  (Updated)

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