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Monday, December 26, 2016

Notion AI to Improve Email and Communications

Years goal is to improve email capabilities.  Was just introduced to the Notion AI system.   In particular because it can be linked to the Echo voice system.   Also the capabilities embedded in Cortana and Siri.  Like in all these systems, email is such an integral part of what we do, it is hard to change.   And, can a voice interface improve our usage of email, or does it just make things get more complicated?   Early indications are there is still much work to do, but the direction is right.  Makes further sense to use AI to help prioritize communications and to improve responses.

Notion launches AI to solve email communications overload
Workers spend a quarter of their day dealing with email, making it the second most time consuming activity in their jobs. A new app aims to streamline our inboxes.  ,,, " 
By Eileen Brown 

(Update)  and here is their community.    Again, the direction looks good, but it is not ready to replace major email systems.    Continuing to follow.   ...

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