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Monday, December 19, 2016

More Intents Expands How you can Talk to Alexa

More planned Updates on Alexa Intelligence  Implications of this work are unclear, this still seems to adhere to current architecture of the knowledge being used in the system framework.  My own look at this would seem to indicate the architecture limits capabilities,  and results in relatively simplistic solutions.  Interaction language is still not natural.  But a well built architecture can also lead to better standards and upgrades.

In Venturebeat:

" ... Earlier in the day, at re:Invent, Amazon announced the launch of its first AI services, the launch of the Alexa bot framework Lex, and the creation of the Alexa Accelerator, a 13-week startup accelerator that will be run with Techstars.

“With the new built-in intents library, weather becomes an object that Alexa knows a lot about, both weather itself and its attributes, but also how a person may ask for the weather,” Isbitski wrote. “Our interaction model now can be done with no sample utterances and a single intent! We call this new type of interaction an Intent Signature and it includes actions, entities and properties. There are numerous Intent Signatures available for use in your Alexa skills across all sorts of categories.”  ... " 

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