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Monday, December 19, 2016

Knowledge Explosion in Medicine

Good detailed piece.  Many industries and companies are dealing with explosions of information and data that need to be understood and integrated into current process.  Mentions such efforts as Watson in medicine.  Also how will current human expertise be integrated with incoming learning?   Big challenges all around to make these approaches sustainable though maintenance and curation.

How Physicians Can Keep Up with the Knowledge Explosion in Medicine
by Lynda Chin and Greg Satell

" .... However, such reliance on manual curation creates not only a scale problem but also quality and consistency challenges. With the arrival of more advanced analytics such as IBM Watson, we can imagine more intelligent system such as MD Anderson’s Oncology Expert Advisor that one of us (Lynda) previously developed. It combines human expertise with machine learning to synthesize a large knowledge base in cancer and suggests treatment options tailored to a specific patient in real time. This will help doctors make better decisions based on up-to-date knowledge in a time efficient manner. .... " 

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