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Monday, December 19, 2016

Google Home Advisor Expands with 30 Services

I am continuing to do a test of voice based advisory systems, comparing the Google Home to the Amazon Echo.   Google Home just announced an expansion of services available.   Looks good but none very surprising.  All very home rather than business oriented.   I am also looking at the business/home overlap.   All of the current major players are building platforms and now allowing external developers to provide new skills and actions.   Continue to look forward to the comparison.   I do like to call these Services as opposed to Skills.  Have yet to see much that embodies the intelligence that might be called a skill.   Any ideas, pass them on.

Google Home expands its mind with more than 30 new services
Now you can talk about news, food, and health with your voice-activated roommate.  By Michael Simon    ....  " 

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