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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Data Visualization for Machine Learning

Of interest.  The idea of dealing with many dimensions was rarely addressed in the usual business data, but it was always there in reality.  Now in machine learning we need better perspective. Explanatory  images at the link.  Once again Google is usefully providing open source tools.

Note this is not only about machine learning, but also useful for graphical vector data analysis for any purpose.

Google open sources Embedding Projector to make high-dimensional data more manageable  Posted Dec 7, 2016 by John Mannes

This morning, Google announced that it was open sourcing its data visualization tool, Embedding Projector. The tool will help machine learning researchers to visualize data without having to install and run TensorFlow.

Dimensionality, and vectors in general, is not something that most of us find easy to understand. The problem is that we all live in a three-dimensional world. We are taught length, width and height, so we struggle to imagine what a forth, fifth or sixth dimension might look like — this is why most of us found Christopher Nolan’s representation of additional dimensions wonky in the movie Interstellar. .... " 

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