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Sunday, December 18, 2016

UX Research is Business Research

Makes sense, like in hte delivery of analytics, they should be closely integrated.  And in partcular consider them both as process journies.   So should be considered together.  That is, they both have direction, need resources and produce value.  And both need clarity in their definition.

In ProductionCoalition:

Why UX Research Is Business Research

We started doing UX field work and the business loves it.

We found hidden value in UX research. You can too.
Raise your hand if you can’t get leadership to support UX research. Put the other one up if you wish you could prove its value to the business. Jazz hands if you feel disconnected from users and it hurts your heart a little every day.

I feel you. That was me a year ago. But today our business is hot for UX research. What changed? We started spending time with users, and our field work is unlocking business insights beyond the usability data we originally set out for.  .... " 

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