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Monday, December 26, 2016

Wearables for Eldercare

Some obvious solutions, but improved usability will also be important.   Many improved sensory approaches too.  These methods also align with memory applications also in line with the needs of anyone.

Wearable solutions for the elderly
" .... Schrock Innovations’ Allen Band and UnaliWear’s Kanega Watch are two gadgets that assist in keeping patients safe.  The Allen Band is worn on the wrist and detects falls.  If wearers have an accident, they are required to press a button to signal that they are uninjured.  If no signal is received, caregivers are alerted.  The band also monitors heart rate, body temperature and movement.

“The most important thing to remember is you are designing technology for people1 who need the benefits of a device but lack the skills in many cases to use modern tech,” states the designer, Thor Schrock. “It is simply not possible to design a device that meets the expectations of a millennial while being operable by an octogenarian.”

Smart socks with attached sensors that can warn diabetics when they are at risk, and smart watches that tell patients when to take their medicine2 are two other wearable devices that are available. .... " 

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