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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Predictions for Jobs in Emerging Information Tech

Reasonable thoughts here.  But even more important, jobs that will deliver on these innovation areas and sustain the process of their use and value.  Its change management all over again.

2017 Predictions For AI, Big Data, IoT, Cybersecurity, And Jobs From Senior Tech Executives by Gil Press in Forbes ...

" ... ‘Tis the season for the public relations exercise known as “here’s what we think (or hope) will happen in the tech sector next year,” flooding my inbox with predictions for 2017. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, let alone over the next 12 months, but the exercise yields interesting insights into what’s hot (and what’s not) in technology today. Artificial intelligence (and machine/deep learning) is the hottest trend, eclipsing, but building on, the accumulated hype for the previous “new big thing,” big data. The new catalyst for the data explosion is the Internet of Things, bringing with it new cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The rapid fluctuations in the relative temperature of these trends also create new dislocations and opportunities in the tech job market. .... " 

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