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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Google Opens Home to Third Party Devs: My Challenge

Good, now lets see some really innovative efforts.  With AI and pattern recognition embedded.  Not just find me a recipe, or recite the last three headlines or tell me a joke or Order me a Pizza.  Can do those already. We did that in the 90s.  Show me some intelligence.    Impress me.  My GHome is ready.

Not having to enable an action is a good start,  a conversation should detect the need for an action, and get the data it needs to proceed.  The skills/actions competition is good too.

Google will open Home to third party developers   In Mashable by Karissa Bell
The company is opening its voice-enabled Assistant to developers who can start creating "actions" for the device. Early partners will include media companies like NBC News, Buzzfeed and NPR, as well as consumer apps like Quora, Genius and Todoist.

The idea is similar to the "skills" developers create for Amazon's Echo line: companies can create "Conversation Actions" that link their services to Google Assistant on Home. 

Using the actions created by Domino's, for example, you can ask Google Assistant to order you a pizza, or ask for the latest CNN headlines.

Unlike Alexa's skills that have to be manually enabled, Google notes that once developers create a conversation action, they're automatically available. "It really is a conversation — users won't need to enable a skill or install an app, they can just ask to talk to your action," Jason Douglas, Google's product manager for actions, writes in a blog post.   ... " 

Brought to my attention by Walter Riker.

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