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Friday, June 10, 2016

Phone Sensing its Environment

Phones sensing their environment in new ways.  Have tracked the Project Tango idea for some time.  An inverse of the beacon idea, with initiative given to the consumer device.   Implications?   More in  CIO Today. 

" .... We're about to get our first look. On Thursday, Lenovo will give consumers their first chance to buy a phone featuring Google's 3-year-old Project Tango, an attempt to imbue machines with a better understanding about what's around them.

Location tracking through GPS and cell towers tells apps where you are, but not much more. Tango uses software and sensors to track motions and size up the contours of rooms, empowering Lenovo's new phone to map building interiors. That's a crucial building block of a promising new frontier in "augmented reality," or the digital projection of lifelike images and data into a real-life environment. ... " 

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