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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Graphs in Smart Data Lakes

Just lately noticed the similarity between the concept of a graphical databases and data visualization.  So why not use graph visualization to best understand broad, rich  and dynamic data resources in a data lake?    Make them 'smart' by adding semantic relationships.

In Datanami: " ... Data lakes are synonymous with Hadoop to many people grappling with the promise and the peril of big data. That’s not surprising, considering Hadoop’s unparalleled capability to gobble up petabytes of messy data. But for Barry Zane and other folks at Cambridge Semantics, data lakes are taking on a decidedly graph-like appearance.

Cambridge Semantics, which acquired Zane’s latest startup SPARQL City earlier this year, is beginning to talk about its concept of the smart data lake. The data lake concept is a well-worn one by now. The “smart” part, you may have guessed, owes to the semantic aspect of how the data is stored, how it’s connected to other data in the lake, and the way it impacts how people can extract meaningful information from it. ... " 

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