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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Measuring the Current State of AI

Nicely done talk today by Ken Forbus of Northwestern.  Sobering view of what AI can do today.  So what is intelligence?   I was always somewhat unsatisfied by the Turing test.  Its not about fooling people into thinking a system is smart.  It is not about imitation.  It is about operating sufficiently well and usefully in social situations.   Social here can just be a conversation with two or more people or systems.

It often includes a strong learning element.  Learning in a general way but also learning about the current and local context of an interaction.  Despite all the bot and 'assistant' and integrated natural language claims, we are still come distance from doing that effectively.   Forbus has some interesting work underway.    More about Forbus'  work.  Did not mention much about the specifics of measurement, want to see more about that.

Kenneth Forbus “Software Social Organisms: Implications for measuring AI progress” Northwestern University    Slides.   Recording. 

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