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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bot Buttons in Slack

A very simple idea.  Developers can add interactive buttons in Slack.   Of really any level of intelligence they can 'develop', from very simple logic to far beyond.    Have been a user of Slack for a while and can see how this could be useful.   The  Will be interesting to see how far this will be taken.

New Slack tools let you chat with bots using buttons
Slack is making it easier for people to interact with third-party services that integrate with its chat app with the launch of a new developer tool that lets bots add clickable buttons to their messages.    .... 

What that means is that someone can submit an expense request to an app that's integrated into Slack, and that person's manager can then receive it -- within the chat interface -- along with buttons that let them easily approve or deny the request. ... 

Adding buttons into Slack Apps may not seem like a major feature, but it actually makes it easier for third parties to integrate their applications with Slack. That’s because the buttons make it easier for developers to get user input without having to parse plain-text responses. .... " 

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