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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Value of Bots for Banks

 We were closely involved in the knowledge architecture for bots for consumer interfaces, so this is a very interesting development.  How does this adapt to the conversation? The goals of the participants?  The risks of error?  The opening questions are important,  how will this help people?  Good to follow.

In the Verge: 

Do you need a bot to talk to your bank?
And if you do, how will you use it?   By Dieter Bohn

Dror Oren, VP of Product for Kasisto, thinks it's about time that the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, and Google caught up. His company has quietly been building the infrastructure (and getting funding) for bots for a couple of years. Today, it's unveiling a banking bot — so you can chat with it instead of dealing with the bank's website, app, or (heaven forbid) calling in to customer service.

Or at least, that's the idea. For Kasisto, the primary target market is actually the banks — so it's releasing two bots. But before we get to the bot meant for banks, let's start with the one you can actually use, designed for for consumers. Though it's functional, it's more of a proof of concept than actual product. Called MyKAI, you can use it to query data from your various banking accounts. It's a little bit like Intuit's Mint service, but in a chat interface.  ... " 

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