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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Facebook Measuring Store Visits and Ad Views

Much more at the link.   Very interesting new measure.  What will it be able to accurately predict?   Privacy issues?  Further linking to loyalty information.  Could the location accuracy be taken to the aisle?   In Adage:

Facebook Links Actual Store Visits to Marketers' Ads and Sales
Also Adds Store Locator Feature for Consumers  By Maureen Morrison ... 

" ... Last year, Facebook began giving marketers more information about the people who were nearby their stores. Now, it's building on that, giving advertisers data about those who were served an ad and then traveled into a store, as well as adding features to its local ads designed to make store location easier for consumers. Facebook is also letting advertiserx link transactions to ads with the help of companies like IBM.  ... " 

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