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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Building Morality into Machines

Remember when this was discussed during the last emergence of smart machines.   The problem has not gone away.   Good detailed piece with a number of useful case descritpions.  Note the decision aspect. Decisions need to be improved under another set of complex constraints.   In the CACM: 

Building Morality into Machines  By Samuel Greengard
" .... In the past, there was not a strong need to have technology ethics embedded into machines, because most systems had merely automated tasks, or operated under direct human control, explains John P. Sullins, a professor of philosophy at the Center for Ethics Value and Society at Sonoma State University in California. As autonomous machines step, roll, and fly into our lives, however, there is a growing need to draw on elements of psychology, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, theology, actuarial science, political policy, and law to guide actions and machine behavior. This translates into hierarchies or scoring systems that sort through real-world events and guide automated decision-making.  .... " 

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