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Thursday, June 30, 2016

IBM Watson and Cisco to Build a Workmate

Another potential commercial example of virtual assistants ... Natural extension for Cisco which is already providing advanced business technologies. No cute anthropomorphic name as yet? How conversational will it need to be? Will it need to learn and retain corporate culture? Adapt to patterns of usage? Tool versus assistant? 

IBM and Cisco will make Watson into a virtual workmate
The cognitive computing engine could schedule meetings and take notes
Watson might schedule your meetings someday if a partnership between IBM and Cisco Systems bears the fruit they’re hoping for. 

In the meantime, the companies hope to save employees from some of the meaningless tasks they have to carry out just to work with their colleagues.
IBM’s Verse email platform and Connections collaboration suite are a good match for Cisco products like the Spark messaging app and WebEx conferencing service, so the two vendors have found ways to integrate them, company officials say. All this will happen in the cloud. They’ll demonstrate the first examples next month at the Cisco Live conference..... " 

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