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Monday, June 13, 2016

Can Procter & Gamble Find its Way?

In Fortune.  Fascinating piece on my former career manager Procter & Gamble.  Which includes changes on their innovation process and management influence.   Largely agree with the points made.

" .... On the ninth and 10th floors of Procter & Gamble’s   ... Cincinnati headquarters, in a secure area that few are permitted to enter, sits the company’s Retail Innovation Center. The “I,” as it’s known, is slick and highly digital. P&G’s top executives believe it contains the ingredients of the company’s coming turnaround.

The center, which existed at another location for years but was revamped and moved in 2015, aims to tell P&G’s story to its major customers. There are video case studies of disrupters, from Uber to Airbnb. There are mocked-up shelves of both P&G’s and competitors’ products and rooms set up to show P&G items in their intended habitats (such as a baby’s room with a diaper table in a suburban home and a laundry setup in an apartment). One room is being prepared for a feminine-care presentation, with lingerie, pads, and tampons demonstrating various levels of absorbency. This is serious business.  ... " 

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