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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Helping Humans Work Better with Smart Machines

 Useful thoughts, because we will have to deal with increasingly smarter machines.

How to Help Humans work Better with Smart Machines
by Thomas H Davenport,  

It’s pretty clear that smart machines—computers and robots that can digest information, make recommendations and decisions, and take informed actions—are going to be a significant factor in the workplace of the future. In some areas, like insurance underwriting, credit decisions, and financial trading, they’re already in wide use. In other areas such as medical diagnosis and treatment, document analysis in commercial litigation, and digital marketing, they’re taking hold rapidly.

But the prospect of a lonely intelligent machine in a lights-out office is not very likely. Smart machines take over individual tasks rather than entire jobs. We humans will be working alongside them for the foreseeable future. Leaders, then, need to prepare their employees and organizations to collaborate effectively with cognitive technologies. ... " 

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