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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

3D Food Printer Approaches Ship Date

In GigaOM:   A look at the concept of a 3D food printer.  A whimsical idea we toyed with.  Having a hard time understanding it useful application.

" ... Structur3D’s paste extruder is looking more and more polished as the startup approaches the ship date for its Kickstarter backers. ... 

Last time I checked in with 3D printing startup Structur3D, its unusual paste-extruding machine was a mysterious white box that sat next to a 3D printer. It was capable of spitting out Nutella, cookie dough and inedible materials like silicone, but it wasn’t exactly clear how it worked. Now, the company has opened up the extruder, known as Discov3ry, to give us a more detailed view of how it works. ... " 

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