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Friday, October 17, 2014

Future Software Will be Cognitive

Will the next generation of software be cognitive?  Good piece in Forrester.  I am a keen student of the reasons for the partial success and failures of AI as advisory systems in it's previous wave.  Plan to continue to watch the reports from Forrester and see how this links to our own and other cognitive efforts.

" ... In conclusion, although this is only the start of long series of research we will be writing in Forrester, I recommend developers to prepare to this new wave of technology and integrate it in their practices rather than isolate it out. One reason AI failed once was because it never got integrated into IT. Let’s avoid that mistake. I am hoping to post, based on what I saw at the forum, how cognitive computing impacts the way you develop, and it effects your SDLC similarly to how Agile and Lean do -- a good reason to keep doing what you are doing with Agile!.  In the meantime you should also read the take aways my colleague Michelle Goetz has summarized in her blog about this conference too. ... " 

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