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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Supply and Demand of Data Scientists

Bruce Langos, COO of Teradata gave a spirited talk today in the atrium of Wright State University today on the nature of the data scientist.   The talk was also transmitted to some area high schools.  The emphasis of the talk addressed what was causing the need to be created and the reason why employers like Teradata were seeing their needs unfulfilled.     It is because it is relatively easy to train people in a technical field, but not so easy to provide them with business experience.

   It is also caused by the dislike many people have for the logical rigor of mathematics.  That is not new, but the very new world of computing systems and gadgets make it more common than ever.  So the world of the device is both creating the wave of data and making it more difficult to analyze.

  Could the automation capabilities of the cognitive fill the gap?  Would have liked to see what the thoughts of the brighter high school students who were listening in.  Would the promise of ready jobs and high salaries drive the interest to fill the jobs?   Wright State plans to establish a lab in the spring to address this need.  This could be used to study and help fill the gap.

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