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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tracking the Value of Corporate Get-togethers

This week attending IBM's big conference on Big Data and Analytics called Insight2014.  In progress all this week.  A huge affair with thousands of participants.  Each IBM participant is given an RFID tag.  They are allowed to opt out of this, but few do.  This allows IBM to understand not who particularly attends what, but how many people attend what parts of the conference, even the path of individual people.  You can also do data queries against the data.  How many people from a particular organization attended a key talk?   How many meals need to be ready for lunch. It's not that tagging has not been tried in conferences before, its that this data is designed to better understand the microstructure of the data. The statistics of the data.  In aggregate and in real time.  Leading to an understanding of the conference's value. A display in the lobby lets you visualize the results and pose new hypotheses.  An excellent example of behavioral data.


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