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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Testing Machine to Machine Systems

Machines are easier to deal with than humans, at least when the machines are not compromised by humans.   This will increase in importance.   But also implies the curation of the process by humans. With the aid of Cognitive systems.   Much more from the talk at link.

" .... Devices are becoming increasingly interconnected through the internet where they are communicating directly with each other. Testing such machine to machine (M2M) systems can be difficult due to their complexity and the usage of different platforms, as Peter Varhol explained in his talk about testing in the M2M world at the QA&Test 2014 conference.

Machine to machine systems are networks of connected machines which usually have little or no human interaction when they are communicating. The machines will do things based on input from other machines. Examples are automotive control systems, home automation, aircraft and aerospace systems and retail or point of sale (POS) systems. These systems can be performing safety-critical or mission-critical functions, therefor it is important to assure that these systems can be accurately tested. .... "

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