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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Analyzing Your Quantified Self

In Mashable:   We are quantifying ourselves every day.  A massive amount of data, mostly shared.   But it is also a movement that is attempting to leverage their own data.  I heard much this week about democratizing this ability, but have not seen much evidence of it.

" ... The rise of the quantified self movement means we're all living by numbers. In the past, industries harped on understanding consumers and measuring their behavior — today, consumers themselves are tracking and generating enormous amounts of data.

Before things like smartphones or wearables, we’d have to consult doctors or data technicians or manually log activities to determine how many calories we consume and burn. But now, with Fitbits, Fuelbands, Jawbones and Whistles (even our dogs are tracking activity!), we can capture this data in a snap, see it updated in real time and use it to make better, more healthy decisions. ... " 

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