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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Marketing and the Internet of Things

It is about data.  Its about reach.    Anna Russell writes:

" .... Let’s take a step back and look at just what the Internet of Things contains that might excite marketers.  IoT, the result of a growing number of M2M and internet enabled devices, produces vast and diverse amounts of machine created data such as log files, GIS coordinates, thermostat data, and other sensory data. This data is transmitted to a location (or many locations) outside the device, and can trigger actions in other devices that either guide manufacturing efficiency, change environmental factors or overtly assist human users in selecting a course of action, be it workout intensity, room temperature or driving route.

These data driven decisions and suggestions, when well designed, have the power to surprise and delight device users with their perceptive power. And its that feedback loop -the expectation of users that these devices are trustworthy and will advise them of best thing to do - that presents unparalleled albeit slightly big-brother-ish marketing potential. ... "  

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