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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Service Robots at Lowes

Lowes has always been high on innovation.  Now taking a new retail step forward.  I like in particular the idea of the robots working collaboratively with live associates  A Work force has to be collaborative.

 In Retailwire: 
" .. In late November, the Lowe's-owned Orchard Supply Hardware will be rolling out in-store robotic shopping assistants, which glide around the store interacting with customers and catering to their shopping needs.

A promotional video posted on YouTube shows the sleek robotic shopping assistant, OSHbot, rolling up to individuals in the store and interacting with them, introducing itself by name. OSHbot is shown identifying items that customers place within its view and leading the customer to where similar items can be found. Marco Mascarro CEO and co-Founder of Fellow Robots explains that OSHbot maps out the store as it moves through it, so that it is aware of sales floor reconfigurations and changes in stock. OSHbot is also shown enabling touch-screen searches for items, communicating with customers in multiple languages, and facilitating cross-store video chats with live associates. .. " 

Also more technical details in IEEE.

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