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Monday, October 27, 2014

Watson Analytics Seen Today

Watson Analytics    Have yet to get a beta loaner, but today I did get several more in depth demonstrations of the idea.  In one case I was able to at least suggest entries.  The idea is good, but not new.  Why not have a data analytics system ask you for all the input needed to perform an analysis, have it perform it and then show the results, with some guiding words about the results.  An advisory style wizard.  With cautions.

But Watson is more than that, mainly because of its interface.  You choose the structure for the analysis based on the data.  Then it guides you in the right direction to get something meaningful.  Several unusual visualizations are used along the way.   One, for example, uses a word cloud to describe a decision tree. This struck me as very useful for an interface to be used to scan possible solutions quickly, say for an executive with little mathematics background.

Each interface comes with loaded additional options, suggestions or advice.  Still there might be some criticism for the complexity of some of their visuals. I am assuming that there will be warnings provided with information about the validity of the analysis. Looking forward to further hands on.


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