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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Watson Determining Personality and Resonance of Message

Today at the Insight meetings we saw a Watson cognitive App being built from a number of Bluemix services and prefabricated Java.  Of particular interest was a user personality modeling mechanism.   They showed it being used to determine how well a message resonated with a recipient. A near definition of advertising.

The simple model was built and embodied in an App in a few minutes.  What they showed could be done by anyone with just a little computer dev experience.  Potentially a very big idea, especially when being used online.  Genesys was an example of a company using the idea today, for call center style applications.

It was unclear what theory of personality was being used.  Someone know?  I am sure there will be some push back on relevance of the model.  Also matches well with service and advisory applications.   I have asked for a complete demo video of the personality feature and will post it here, hopefully sometime soon.


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