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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Practical Virtual Reality for Work

We explored many opportunities in this space.  But not with success.  See the tag link on Virtual Reality at the bottom of this post for some examples about that extended experience.  Here in Fast Codesign.  Suggestion that VR in the typical workplace is getting practical:

" ... Little is said about using VR in the workspace. Letting VR replace the desktop monitor would bring physical benefits, such as freeing up desk space and giving you a wider spatial and more customizable area in which to arrange your applications--and you wouldn't need several monitors to do it. An unintended consequence is that it would let you work distraction free. Cubicle walls would no longer be necessary because you'd be "walled-in" by a VR headset.

A handful of companies have tried to revolutionize our work spaces in ways that are eye-catching but not geared to everyday office work. There's Fujitsu Laboratories' projection and gesture-based system, though this would be difficult to set up for various users. .. " 

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