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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ROI in the Age of Integration

Colleague Kim Medynsky writes in Marketing, Media, Advertising and PR in Canada:

Kim Medynsky, MBA, is principal at Medynsky & Associates
" ... The return on investment (ROI) of campaign spending has been a major challenge for marketers as we have tried to defend our advertising budget, and directly correlates the campaign to sales, but it has been difficult to prove for as long as I have been in marketing. With the onset of online advertising, marketers are taking comfort in the ROI tools available for promotions in cyberspace, but are they making the move to online without really understanding how traditional media fares? Budgets are being shifted to online because of a belief that it’s the best way to reach the customer, and it’s easier to track online advertising. But is the convenience really paying off? .... " 

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