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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gamification as a Mainstream Approach

Short piece in CIO Insight: Makes the case that gamification is in common internal and external use. And quotes:

" ... Accenture points out that gamification isn't only for Millennials and techies; it's now in the mainstream. Building an effective strategy requires a focus on some combination of seven key components: status, milestones, competition, rankings, social connectedness, immersion reality and personalization. According to Accenture, many older adults are also becoming digital device-savvy. "And they are often just as keen as the young to compete with their peers and publicize their accomplishments—the essential principles of gamification," the authors note  ... ".

I still think it is difficult to implement, based on our own experience.  Dependent on corporate culture and still seen suspiciously by much of management. Especially for internal applications.   Mainstream?  Not yet, and we can't expect to grow out of it with the Millennials.  But worth understanding.

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