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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Amazon App for Sellers

Have been involved in selling on Amazon for some time ....  So understand the implications .... Automates a number of things sellers often do manually, considerable value here to examine. In Mashable:   A Seller App.

" ... Amazon Seller is meant to make it easier for merchants to sell their products, the company said in a forum announcing the app. Vendors can use the app to track prices, create sale listings and interact with customers and Amazon support. Sellers can also track sales ranks, customer reviews and search for new items to sell.

The app also helps merchants estimate the profitability of each item sold by factoring in fees and other costs to give sellers an idea of how much they stand to make for each item they sell. Sellers can take advantage of this feature by scanning an item's barcode or manually searching within the app. ... " 

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