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Friday, June 28, 2013

Predictive Assistants that Take the Initiative

We worked with and visited the nonprofit research group SRI a number of times.  They originally had been spun out of Stanford University.   They were involved in detergent formulations for our enterprise years ago. The computer mouse had been invented in their labs.  I had forgotten that they had been involved with the development of the assistant Siri.  

They are now developing a system called Bright that looks at data rich and intense environments where the system that is helping needs to model the human user and take the initiative to solve a problem.  Such problems, which we designed for enterprise AI applications, are much more difficult to deliver than simple conversational, question and answer systems like Siri.

  More about the Bright environment and where it is going in Technology Review.  Note this also has similarities to Google Now but expanding the initiative aspect.

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