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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deep Learning with Neural Nets

In CACM:  Deep learning finally comes of age.  Still a bit skeptical about what deep really means here.  I need it be useful.   We used neural nets extensively to replace specific statistical methods in decision resolution, but not to generally 'learn'.  I still don't see how what they suggest here provides generalized learning,  but the progress may be there.  High speed parallel methods of the kind used in 'Big' methods may be applicable.   " ...  "A wave of excitement today comes from the application of unsupervised learning to deep neural nets," LeCun says, adding that another wave of excitement surrounds the use of the more-traditional supervised training of multilayer systems called "convolutional" neural nets. LeCun developed convolutional neural nets at Bell Laboratories in the late 1980s; they were among the earliest to employ multilayer learning. ... " 

Note that the method of Neural Networks  is more correctly called Artificial Neural Nets (ANN).    The neural models used in these methods are only superficially inspired by animal neurons.  They are also not currently used to my knowledge in neuroscience or neuromarketing methods,

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