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Sunday, June 30, 2013

IMDB Again

Have used the Internet Movie Database or IMDB since shortly after its creation in 1990, and through its acquisition by Amazon in 1998 ... My research orientation, even for non work things,  has always made it an intriguing thing.   I have spend some time playing around with it on the ipad, and was surprised how much it had changed. Somehow I had been mostly using the Wikipedia for searching movies lately.  IMDB has been adapted well for the tablet and includes many more images of actors,  images of scenes from movies ... current movie reviews, showing locations and times ....  AND still has a depth of information way down to the really obscure ... no long existent .. media, including TV ...   one episode pilots in the 60s ... the depth and breadth is amazing.   Not too long ago you would have needed  a library of reference books to have this information, and those books would not be updated continuously.  We live in a new world .... Now I am back to IMBD for media research ....  A good example of knowledge management that could be useful for corporation knowledge.  Which we discussed, but never followed up on.  I have not heard IMDB discussed as an infrastructure for other knowledge bases for some time.

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