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Friday, June 28, 2013

Travel Industry Big Data

Thomas Davenport on the use of Big Data in the travel industry.  A very nontechnical view of the potential, but not necessarily current use of Big Data in the online travel industry.  " ... Analytics guru Thomas Davenport assesses the potential and pitfalls of unstructured data, social streams and other advanced analytic capabilities ... "  And to me surprisingly:  " ... Even with that early start with some facets of business data, those travel industry leaders are “really just getting started” when it comes to advanced analytics. To blame are factors such as the reliance on but stunted capabilities of legacy systems, and, for the U.S. airline industry, the number of mergers that have providers dealing with integration rather than innovation. ... " .   Has a link to a 32 page report on the use of big data in the travel/hospitality industry.

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