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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome to Complex Event Processing

Thinking about real time processing.    Getting more important every day.  We addressed this for complex high speed manufacturing lines.  Linking advanced analytics methods to rare failure processes using simulation techniques.  This article is a good introductory view.  Especially with regard to the companies now investing in CEP strategies:  " ... Big Data Reboots Real-Time Analysis ... Why did Software AG buy Apama and Tibco buy StreamBase? Perhaps the Internet of Things is giving complex event processing a second chance. 
You hear so much about "real-time" performance, you would think it's a pervasive capability. The fact is, real real-time analytic performance, as in millisecond-latency analysis of data in movement, isn't all that common. That's why the acquisitions of Apama and StreamBase, complex event processing (CEP) technologies purchased last week by SoftwareAG and Tibco, respectively, kind of stood out. ... " 

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