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Sunday, June 23, 2013

GE, AI and Modeling Hospitals with Corvix

Fascinating work by GE in the use of artificial intelligence in a system called Corvix.   During the AI   explosion of the 80s we talked to GE about what I would call manufacturing maintenance AI.   It is good to see another large technology company playing seriously in this space.   We note further that this approach uses a simulation method called Agent Based Modeling, which we applied in supply chain and economic modeling.   Also specific future predictive analytic methods.  Their use in Corvix is broadly outlined below:

" ... Around the world, the health care system is rife with inefficiencies, and General Electric thinks it can help solve the problem using data. Only it’s not talking about bureaucrats looking at reports: GE has built an artificial intelligence system called Corvix that uses historical data to predict the future, including everything from how diseases will spread to the cities where hospitals will be needed the most.

It might sound futuristic, but the techniques behind Corvix have actually been around for a while. The platform uses agent-based modeling to build, essentially, a reasonable facsimile of some sort of complex system and then simulate its evolution over time. The “agents” represent the atomic units of those systems, such as individual people in the case of human populations or perhaps cells in the case of a biological simulation. They act according to a set of rules in any given situation, which is how the models are able to keep the simulations progressing... " 

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