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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Specializing in the Visually Impossible

In our innovation center we featured a number of technologies to engage with the consumer in retail.  Digital signage was a common application.  We invited companies, large and small, to participate in providing new technologies.  One such company was 5th Screen, which has just updated their web site.  See also Digital SignageToday, which mentions one of their principals, Keith Kelsen, Who posts about trends in the space.   Very visual and forward looking, they have much experience in retail.    They write in their blog:

" ... We help you bring discovery and education to the in-store experience and deliver an Immersive experience. Every visit is an opportunity to create loyalty, add value and tell the brand story.We develop, with our clients, unique in-store digital experiences that serve to ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE the consumer.  The success of our digital engagement projects are a result of their VISUAL APPEAL, integration with the overall store design and their EASE OF USE.  We understand that retailers and brands have different and sometimes conflicting goals.  Retailers focus on increasing their top line sales SELLING MORE.  Brands increase their top lines sales by ENHANCING THE BRAND experience.  Our challenge is to create a store environment that meets both brand enhancement and retail sales objectives. We work with our client, store designers and fabricators to create a true DIGITAL DESTINATON STORE that develops and maintains an engaging, ongoing and relevant relationship with the consumer.  ... " 

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