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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Display as a Service

More on Intel's wireless display aggregating system, dubbed DaaS, or Display as a Service.  A friend who knows this space well cautions me that the effort is from their research labs, has seen the demo and it is not ready for prime time ....  Still I think the method shows great promise in a number of areas. As I talked about previously.

" ... Intel's technology works wirelessly. It essentially "virtualizes" the pixels on a display, separating them from the underlying hardware so that they can be sent via Wi-Fi and reassembled on other screens for viewing. Intel calls the technology Display as a Service, or DaaS, and it was one of several projects on show at an Intel research event in San Francisco on Tuesday. Technologies exist today that can mirror a display wirelessly onto another screen. They include Intel's own WiDi (Wireless Display Interface). But those systems can connect only two screens, while DaaS can operate among a potentially limitless number of screens, said Greg Leeming, program director for the Intel Visual Computing Institute. ... " 

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