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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Games Creating Acheivement

Article about how game dynamics have been used inside companies to engage and prod achievement.  Notably mentioned is consulting giant Accenture.   And the example of their use for knowledge management.  Most of the points made are obvious.  Part of the problem of broad use is still the use of the term 'game'.    " ... The “games people play” these days are often launched by CIOs and other senior executives as gamification is emerging as a viable business trend. For external purposes, the concept may produce outcomes such as greater brand visibility and customer loyalty. Internally, it's capable of motivating employees to new levels of performance. A recent report from APQC, Gamification in Knowledge Management: How It Works and What Your Organization Should Know, primarily focuses on the latter, internal side of the topic, incorporating research based on game initiatives launched by companies such as Intel and Accenture.... " 

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