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Monday, April 15, 2013

RFID System Tracks Shopper Flow

In RFID Journal :   Have tested a number of related ideas.  Notably much work by Herb Sorensen's group that was reported in his excellent book : Inside the Mind of the Shopper.  (Image on the right is from his paper) " ... ' Following a 2012 pilot of a radio frequency identification-based solution to temporarily track customers' movements via tagged shopping carts moving through a Toronto supermarket, Moxie Retail is now preparing the solution's installation for two additional pilots with Canadian retailers this year. The technology was developed for Moxie in 2011 by the Academia RFID Centre of Excellence, and was piloted last year for 10 weeks by the Toronto retailer, funded by two consumer-product brand owners. The system has since been installed at another store owned and operated by the same retailer. Later this year, Moxie plans to install the technology to cycle through two stores for another national supermarket chain, as well as at 10 locations for a third retail company. ... " 

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