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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Effective Data Visualization

periscopic_gunsIn Greenplum: Procter's now classic data visualization dashboards compared to other approaches like Infographic style producer Periscopic.  I have problems with both.  Periscopic is very slick, but from them I get the impression that a conclusion has been prefabricated.  The graphic artists have provided very pretty displays, emphasizing pattern .  Dashboards are more engineer oriented, more 'objective', but give little space for pattern recognition.  The display is small and cluttered.  Difficult to interact with, if they were ever designed for that.  Even the control room of a nuclear power plant does not clutter the gauges of key measures this way.  I continue to look for good ways to mix the engineering and the graphic, with the ability to do simple touch mobile interaction with the graphics.  See the tags below for much more information on these topics.

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