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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ray Kurzweil's Life

In the WSJ:  The intersection of the life of inventor Ray Kurzweil and health technology.   Good to see.    He is extrapolating some information about how life expectancy is increasing every year.  A dangerous thing to believe. I recall back in the 80s some people claiming they had solved the death problem.  We will know soon enough.  " ... But be warned: There is no magic pill. Mr. Kurzweil submits to a relentless series of blood tests to monitor his efforts to reprogram his body chemistry against aging and against inherited propensities for diabetes and heart disease. "I'm reasonably confident that I will make it," he adds. "But it's not guaranteed. There are still many diseases we don't have an answer to, though I do have some good ideas about cancer and heart disease." If diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, he adds, he already has plans to put aside his other projects and develop a cure. ... " 

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