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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Data Held Hostage

From Stephen Few.  He makes some good points about the Big Data craze:

" ... The Big Data marketing campaign distracts us from our greatest opportunities involving data. As we chase the latest Big Data technologies to increase volume, velocity, and variety (the 3 V’s), we will never resolve the fundamental roadblocks that have been plaguing us all along. I’ve written a great deal over the last few years about the fundamental skills of data sensemaking and communication that are needed to evolve from the Data Age in which we live to the Information Age of our dreams. It is essential that we develop these basic skills, but we must face many other concerns and resolve them as well before collecting more data faster and in greater variety will matter. I recently wrote about one of those concerns in a blog post titled Big Data Disaster about the problems created by credit bureaus that shroud their scoring ... " 

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